Search in contacts

To find a contact in your list, type a word or a few characters in the Search box in the header of the list and click 'OK'.

Contact Info

To get the detailed information about the contact:
1. Choose the contact from the list and go to that page,
2. Click the Info icon.

Search and add a new contact

To find and add a contact to MobiTile:
1. Click the "+" button,
2. Enter a keyword or a few characters in the Search box and click "OK",
3. In the resulting list, select the most similar result to the desired, and click on it,
4. Review the information about the user,
5. If you want to add it to your contacts, send him a request by clicking the Add button.

The system will send your request to this user. User can:
• Allow to add you to his contacts - contact in the list will be marked with colored stripe on the left, depending on the current status of the contact, or
• Refuse to add - contact remains in your contact list as unconfirmed.