File Storages

General info

MobiTile operates with a few kind of file storages that have its own purposes:
• Device Camera Roll - it contains the photos from the device photo albums
• Device storage – allowed device's file folders (depend on device OS and OEM)
• MobiTile Cloud Storage (mtCloudtm) is assigned for a file saving and exchange within MobiTile, sharing them outside, publishing to SNs and blogs, etc.
• Third-party remote storages, such as DropBox, Google Drive (the expandable list) – allow users to get a direct access to their remote files from MobiTile.



File Sharing

User can share his mtCloudtm files with other Internet users.

How to share?
1. Selects the file in mtCloudtm to share
2. Choose 'share selected' option in submenu
3. Select an existent Share Set or create the new one
4. Edit description, set a password and an access expired time if needed
5. Specify the email address of recipients and
6. Press the 'SHARE' button


Each recipient will receive an email message with instructions how to get shared files. If the recipient is a MobiTile user, the additional message will be sent to his app's Incoming folder. MobiTile user can access his shared files in the mobile app or WEB. Non MobiTile user – via WEB interface only.

User can also share files from the Camera Roll or Device Storage. In this case the sharing files will be previously copied to mtCloudtm.

Third-party remote storages

MobiTile gives user a chance of uploading and downloading files between the connected storages only. If you need more features, you need to copy files to mtCloudtm before it.