Streams Possibilities

Internet generates a huge amount of information; to sort it out, allocate and to keep the focus on important issues is becoming increasingly difficult. MobiTile Streams are organized in a way allowing you to:
1. Receive the information from the sources of your choice split into different streams,
2. Filter messages in the streams,
3. Receive and send messages to multiple sources simultaneously,
4. Comment messages in social networks and blogs,
5. Get access to social groups and perform a number of other actions.

Search posts by keyword

Quick keyword search allows you to ignore filters set for the given stream and return publications containing the keyword from the stream sources history. MobiTile currently stores your sources history for three months.

You can use special symbols in keywords for advanced search:
'?' – to substitute any single symbol in the keyword,
'*' – to substitute a few symbols in the keyword,
' " ' (double quotes) - to search an exact match of the keywords sequence.

Commenting and quoting posts in social networks

Depending on the properties of the particular source, you are offered affordable ways to post new statuses, articles, commenting your own and others' publications, post photos, and attach links to other sources.

Creating new posts in social networks

To create a new post from application:
1. Press the button Post in feed,
2. Enter the text of the post,
3. Attach an image to your post by pressing the Attach button,
4. Mark social accounts and groups where you want to post the message,
5. If you need, you can change the post privacy for each source,
6. Press Send to publish.

You should keep in mind that the message will appear in the stream(s) after a while. This is due to the procedure of collecting and processing data from your sources.